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Shanghai Bangpu Industrial Group Co., Ltd. is a large group enterprise specializing in R & D and manufacturing all kinds of fluid transmission equipment in China. Bangpu as professional China Construction Pump Manufacturers and OEM Construction Pump Factory, since its establishment, the group has implemented diversified operation, with pumps, valves, energy-saving motors and complete sets of water supply and drainage equipment as its basic business, and the production, sales, import and export business of sewage treatment, environmental protection equipment and related accessories as its extension.

In 2008, Bangpu industrial group entered the track of rapid development, implemented the merger and expansion strategy, and acquired all technologies and some assets of Shanghai People's Motor Factory Co., Ltd. Bangpu has an efficient and professional technical team, especially in the field of water supply and drainage,especially in the field of water supply and drainage, and has accumulated rich R & D, manufacturing and process capabilities and experience. And we provide wholesale Construction Pump for sale online at factory price.

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How to Choose The Turbine Plate of The Construction Pump?
Construction pumps typically use turbine impellers or blades to move water or other fluids. The selection of the turbine plate for a construction pump depends on several factors, including the flow rate, head pressure, fluid viscosity, and the type of fluid being pumped. Here are some guidelines for choosing the turbine plate for a construction pump:
Head pressure: The head pressure, measured in feet or meters, is the height that the pump is capable of lifting fluid. The turbine plate should be selected to match the desired head pressure of the system.
Fluid viscosity: The viscosity of the fluid being pumped can affect the performance of the turbine plate. High-viscosity fluids, such as oils and slurries, require a different type of turbine plate than low-viscosity fluids, such as water.
Fluid type: The type of fluid being pumped can also affect the selection of the turbine plate. Some fluids, such as corrosive or abrasive liquids, require a special type of turbine plate with added durability or corrosion resistance.
Material: The material of the turbine plate should be selected based on the type of fluid being pumped and the environmental conditions of the system. Common materials used in turbine plates include stainless steel, bronze, plastic, and ceramic.

What Convenience Does Construction Pump Bring to Engineering Operations?

Construction pumps are essential equipment in engineering operations as they offer several conveniences that help to increase efficiency and productivity on construction sites. Here are some of the conveniences that construction pumps bring to engineering operations:

Efficient water management: Construction pumps are designed to pump large volumes of water quickly, making them ideal for managing water on construction sites. They can be used to dewater flooded areas, drain water from excavations, and manage groundwater levels during construction.

Easy concrete pouring: Concrete pumps are a type of construction pump that makes concrete pouring more convenient and efficient. With a concrete pump, concrete can be poured into hard-to-reach areas, and the flow of concrete can be easily controlled. This results in faster and more accurate concrete pouring, which saves time and reduces labor costs.

Enhanced excavation: Construction pumps can be used to assist in excavation by pumping out water from the excavation site, which can help prevent soil erosion and make excavation safer and more efficient.

Versatile applications: Construction pumps are available in a wide range of sizes and types, which means they can be used for a variety of applications. For example, they can be used to pump sludge, mud, and other materials during construction or to transfer water between different locations on a construction site.

Time-saving: Construction pumps are designed to work quickly and efficiently, which means they can help reduce the time it takes to complete construction projects. This is especially important in large-scale construction projects where time is of the essence.

In summary, construction pumps bring several conveniences to engineering operations, including efficient water management, easy concrete pouring, enhanced excavation, versatile applications, and time-saving. These conveniences make construction pumps an essential piece of equipment on construction sites.