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The solar photovoltaic water pump system mainly consists of three parts: solar cell modules, photovoltaic water pumping inverters, and three-phase AC water pumps. A solar cell array is composed of multiple solar cell modules in series and parallel, which absorb sunlight radiation energy and convert it into electrical energy, providing power for the entire system. The photovoltaic water pumping inverter controls and regulates the operation of the system, converting direct current from the solar cell array into alternating current, driving the water pump, and adjusting the output frequency in real-time according to changes in sunlight intensity to achieve maximum power point tracking and maximize the utilization of solar energy. The water pump is driven by a three-phase AC motor, which draws water from a deep well and injects it into a storage tank/pool or directly connects to the irrigation system. According to actual system requirements and installation conditions, different types of water pumps can be used for operation. The system power ranges from 0.37kW to 55kW, the water lift can be between 10 meters to 300 meters, and the daily water lift can be between 3 tons to 1000 tons.


  • Water and electricity shortage areas
  • Deep water pumping
  • Drinking water wells.


  • Photovoltaic array

    A series of solar modules are connected in series and in parallel, which mainly convert the solar energy into electric energy and provide operating power to the load pump motor.

  • Water pump

    According to the actual system requirements and installation conditions, different types of pumps can be selected. The most commonly used is a submersible pump (deep well pump) to extract water from deep wells or rivers and lakes and inject the water into K pools or directly connect into irrigation systems.

  • DC pump system configuration

    Since the pump itself is an inductive load, it needs a slightly larger starting current, and it must be able to operate under weak sunlight. A pump controller can be used to provide a large instantaneous startup current under weak sunlight.

  • AC pump system configuration

    It controls and regulates solar pump operation, and converts the DC power generated by the PV array into AC power to drive the pump. The well adjusts the output frequency in real time according to the change of the sunshine intensity to achieve maximum power point tracking.


Optical, mechanical and electrical integration, simple installation and maintenance, low operating cost, efficient and safe, economical and practical. Deep well pumping can meet the needs of farmland irrigation or human and animal drinking, effectively solving the water supply problem in areas with water and electricity shortages. Photovoltaic power generation is noise free, environmentally friendly, and has a wide range of applications.

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The company has rich product lines, many product varieties, complete specifications and excellent quality, which can meet different needs. Its main products include frequency conversion constant pressure water supply equipment, pipe network laminated water supply equipment, box laminated water supply equipment, remote monitoring system, water pump and various electrical control equipment. It is a large-scale enterprise producing complete sets of secondary water supply equipment with the most qualifications and varieties in the industry.
The company has obvious brand advantages. Since its establishment, through continuous competition with other complete sets of secondary water supply equipment manufacturers and continuous self accumulation, the company has won high recognition from end users in terms of core technology, differentiated design customization, quality consistency assurance, continuous and stable supply, technical support and guarantee services, Established brand advantages and industry status.

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The company has gathered a group of talents with rich experience, young and promising, United and upward, covering R & D, management, production, quality and sales. Based on strong R & D capability, precision and high-end processing equipment and excellent quality control capability, the company has formed a unique self-supporting ability of key components in the industry. The self matching ability of this key component ensures the quality of the company's products and services, and effectively reduces the production cost.
Bangpu group constantly explores the technical development direction of the secondary water supply industry, including product structure design, function design, intelligent secondary water supply technology, new process and processing mode, and introduces new products to further improve the company's core competitiveness. The main measures for the company to maintain continuous technological innovation are as follows:
1) Pay attention to the development of the industry and pay attention to the technical exchange of the industry
2) Continuously improve R & D innovation system
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4) Increase R & D investment

(3) Marketing advantage
In terms of marketing management, the deputy general manager of marketing is responsible for unified management and function division, and the regional manager and sales manager are responsible for market development in the region to continuously promote market development; The marketing manager shall effectively integrate and manage the product price and supply channels; The service manager is responsible for the management and tracking of academic promotion, product use feedback and whole process service. The company has provided customers with full service before, during and after sales, won a good market reputation and established a high-quality corporate image.

(4) Management advantage
1) Efficient production management
The production department of the company carefully analyzes the characteristics of each process of secondary water supply equipment, closely tracks the production progress and closely calculates the dynamic change trend of production time margin by reasonably designing the production process flow of products, so as to continuously create a higher level of output on the premise of constant staffing, increase of equipment, compression of maintenance time and quality assurance; Moreover, the production department of the company accurately calculates the production quota of each process, optimizes the process operation, carries out technical transformation, and accurately calculates the labor quota and reserve, so as to keep the labor productivity at a high state all the time.
2) Effective cost control
The company has established a relatively perfect raw material procurement system, made full use of the bargaining power formed by scale and brand advantages, screened major raw material suppliers in China for price comparison, and established long-term and stable cooperative relations with major suppliers, effectively reducing the company's procurement cost; In terms of inventory management, the company reasonably allocates the delivery cycle and quantity of suppliers, and cooperates with the production department to reduce the inventory of raw materials.
3) Perfect quality control
The company has passed the ISO9000 quality management system certification, formed a quality control process throughout the product production cycle, and continuously and effectively improved the product quality, service quality and management quality of the enterprise, so as to continuously meet customers' requirements for multi-level and high quality of quality and service.
Since its establishment, the company has always attached great importance to product quality management and earnestly implemented national laws and regulations on product quality; Establish a quality management system in strict accordance with international ISO standards and make continuous improvement. The company's quality management system covers the whole process of product production. The company has a professional quality management team responsible for the overall quality control of products, including product design, incoming materials, production process and finished product delivery inspection control, monitoring product quality problem feedback and handling, etc. At the same time, the company has established a complete supplier management process to ensure that the selection of new suppliers and the evaluation management of qualified suppliers can meet the requirements of the company and customers, and control the product quality from the source.
The quality assurance department of the company is fully responsible for the planning, organization and implementation of the quality management of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products of the company, so as to realize the inspection and testing of the whole process.